Mentorship University's mission is to stimulate you and your Mentors to create the next generation of products that will be game changing in the health field and other global markets.

We believe that we are on the cusp of entering the age of a new level of science, understanding and technology based on:

  • Condensates such as BECs (Bose-Einstein Condensates) and ORMEs (Patented Condensates of the Transition Minerals)
  • Superconductivity in biological systems and at ambient environmental temperatures
  • Superfluidity
  • Quantum effects at a macroscopic scale
  • Transdimentional wormholes of Josephson tunneling across both time and space
  • Consiousness
  • Information medicine including epigenetics
  • Holism including the microbiome and symbionts of the internal mileau
  • Application of the 5 Phases of Health model in understanding, monitoring and optimizing the biophysics of the biological terrain in health and disease
  • Acceptance of our Clinical Theory of Everything
  • The Electric Universe Hypothesis, the Condensate/Superconductor/Wormhole/Magnetic model of Dark Matter
  • The Coherence Zone model of Dark Energy
  • Immortality of the spirit body
  • etcetera (stay tuned)

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