"I have found that with God's help and working with Dr. Swartwout, nothing is impossible." 

Rick Kobayashi  Hawai'i Island

“Your light is very strong as is your skill set.  You have a very unique ability to whisper the body that goes deeper than most light workers out here can do. That combined with your fine brain power, and herbal and nutrition knowledge is beyond amazing.  And then there is your understanding of the Universe. As you translate that for humanity, the infinite arrives.” 

“I hunt for this stuff and I can seldom find it.  This knowledge you have is alchemical gold in the pile of gold. It's way more than the average understanding and knowledge and you coming back to life to share it, is crucial  to us and the planet. It's so needed right now.” 

Dawn Lianna, Author, Teacher, Coach  Oregon

"Dr. Swartwout's thoroughness as a researcher is unquestionable." 

Jacob Lieberman, O.D., Ph.D.,

Author of Light: Medicine of the Future  Maui Island

"I noticed an increase in strength, especially in my bench press where I thought to have reached my 'non-gaining period' for over a year. My bench press went up 20 pounds more. Also, my squats (leg work out) increased greatly. It went from about 270 pounds to 335 pounds. I have tried supplements, but never before have I experienced physical gains like this and it all happened in a period of a month, which was when I was under treatment."

Harry Takiue, Jr.  University of Arizona