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I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand.

- Chinese proverb Dr. Kraskin posted on the wall in his Vision Therapy room.

You were the catalyst of my behavioral life… You have touched my heart and you have touched my mind…

- Paul Harris OD

Bob Kraskin introduced me to developmental optometry. He was my friend and mentor.

- Amiel Franke OD

We are not concerned with what is wrong;

we are concerned with what is right and good, and how to make it better… to attain your goals.

- Robert Kraskin OD

After Bob’s graduation from Pennsylvania College of Optometry, he cam into my office to gain clinical insights into the value of visual training as a treatment program for central problems of vision.

I was then his mentor.

A very short time later, Bob became my mentor - and has been for over 40 years.

Bob Kraskin was the smartest optometrist I ever knew.

Any of us would be in a state of exaltation if we could add a trickle to the river of our collective knowledge…

Bob Kraskin added a torrent.

- Paul Lewis OD

My closest friend, my most esteemed colleague, my mentor, my lecturing partner…

- Harold Wiener OD

Dr. Kraskin was a mentor to many of our members and was responsible for many entering into vision therapy and developmental vision.

- Donald Janiuk OD

Bob Kraskin was a person who influenced many lives, including mine.

When I was contemplating starting a vision therapy practice many years ago, I called Bob, who did not know me, and expressed the doubts and reservation I was experiencing.

He not only encouraged me but graciously insisted that I visit his office and observe his mode of practice.

I accepted gratefully and without his input and continuing encouragement, I doubt whether I would have embarked on my practice.

Through the years he was unfailingly available for consultation and advice.

- Sid Groffman OD

Robert Kraskin, O.D.

Bob Kraskin was as an unmistakable as he was unforgettable.

Luci Baines Johnson, President Lyndon Johnson's daughter, interned as a Vision Therapist during her father’s presidency, and became the head of Volunteers for Vision, which came out of Dr. Kraskin's developmental work with the Head Start program.

I enjoyed an externship in Dr. Kraskin's office myself...

I was also honored to present aspects of my research at Dr. Kraskin's Invitational Skeffington Symposium on Vision in Washington DC, including during the years that I was establishing the Optometric Center of Tokyo.

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To some of us, he was our mentor and colleague, but most of all he was our friend.

- Joseph Miele OD

If the key to a better society is education, then the key to better education is better vision. If you don’t have that key, you can’t open the door to a better life.

- Luci Johnson, Vision Therapist trained by Dr. Kraskin

The story of Vision Therapist, Luci Baines Johnson

As a teacher, he took a special interest in the residents in vision therapy at SUNY College of Optometry.

For some 20 years he acted as host, mentor and teacher to these individuals at the Skeffington Invitational Meeting in Washington, D.C., each year.

- Irwin Suchoff OD

Bob was a leader, a teacher, a confidant, a coach - a benevolent Patrone - and he did it all with class and dignity.

…We know you stand beside your mentor, Skeffington, and that you will always be there to guide us to greater achievements in optometry and in life.

- Al Sutton OD

Vision is the dominant expression of human behavior.

- Robert Kraskin OD

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