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The most significant factor in natural vision improvement seems to be in the mind, not in the eyes!

- Jacob Liberman, OD

I've found, however, that real change only comes when we let go of the struggle, when we stop trying, and that the greatest key to healing our vision is also the simplest one: expanding our awareness.

- Jacob Liberman, OD

Jacob Liberman, OD, PhD

Jacob was an inspiration to me early in my career. He was always very passionate in seeking the truth, and willing to explore beyond the limits of accepted knowledge...

I was on the board of the College of Syntonic Optometry at the same time as Dr. Liberman. He was President when I served as Secretary...

Today, the President is Rob Foxx, OD, who I introduced to the field when I was practicing in New York, and the leader of the field in Australia is Simon Grbevsky, OD who I also introduced to Syntonics back then...

I also visited Dr. Liberman at his home in Florida when he was transitioning out of his private optometric practice.

Today he is a neighbor on Maui, while I live on Hawaii Island...


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Start by taking off your glasses or contacts and finding a comfortable, relaxed position. Take a minute to bring your attention within yourself. Allow it to wander through your body, becoming aware of any tension or discomfort. As you do this, allow your breathing to become soft and gentle. You may want to use the balloon image: Imagine that you are very slowly and softly blowing up your balloon-body with air. When you feel full, don’t collapse your breath or strain at the fullness—just allow the flow of air to reverse itself, still without any effort or straining. Continue breathing and allow your eyes to close gently. Bring your attention to your eye sockets and notice any feelings of “holding on” or “grabbing” there. Don’t try to make it better, just spend a few moments feeling that tension. Imagine that you are breathing in and out through your eyes. As you breathe, allow a feeling of softness and gentleness to gradually seep into your eye sockets. Notice how the grabbing begins to shift by itself. Enjoy this process for a while.

- Jacob Liberman, OD

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