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- Wal Thornhill

Wal Thornhill

The Electric Universe hypothesis presents an alternate interpretation of the cosmos to the consensus view. It answers many questions from many perspectives that otherwise remain unanswered.

Wal was the chief science advisor to the Thunderbolts Project which brings together scientists pursuing the view that electromagnetism is the dominant force in the universe. Indeed, electromagnetism is some 39 orders of magnitude more powerful than gravity. All other forces, including the strong and weak force at the atomic level have been explained by electromagnetism. The current theory of gravity is at odds with all these other models of science.

Wal helps us return to the sanity of classical physics where dimensions are independent dimensions. In his view, there is but one force: electrical. There are only three particles: protons, electrons and neutrinos (the ether). Gravity is a push from celestial host, partially shielded by nearby objects. The electrical force is a longitudinal force transmitted instantaneously by the daisy-chain of ether particles. Light is a transverse wave propagated through the ether, so it takes time. The speed of light is not constant, but depends upon the local density of the ether, which we know as the index of refraction. There is no gravitational lensing... only atmospheric lensing such as through the plasma at the limb of the sun. There is no dark matter or energy. The contents of the universe are known. It's age is not. The universe is sentient and living. 

My Living Universe video playlist is at youtube.com/playlist?list=PLU01IZ_ZEdvj9oEve35gkSeFoiddpjJpW

My Cosmology playlist is here youtube.com/watch?v=G9fiJK2L-i4&list=PLU01IZ_ZEdvhoWAiiQNG6LYaLpTuQ8j5Q

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