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These devices can program the body's cell more effectively than long term drug or psychotherapy.

- Richard Gerber MD, author of Vibrationa

William C. Nelson

Bill Nelson is a fascinating character.

He tells the story of how he was working for NASA at age 18 when the Apollo 13 mission went wrong. He claims that he personally did the math to put the mission back on track.

He developed the EPFX QXCI (Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface) Eclosion biofeedback device. I developed the Eye Care module for the device as well as the Iridology and Color Therapy sections. SCIO, the Indigo machine, Eductor, and Quest9 are subsequent versions of this system.

I also worked with Bill to develop a series of complex homeopathic remedies which have now been in clinical use for three decades.


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