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Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.

- Gerald Pollack, PhD

The pursuit of simplicity seems to have largely evaporated from the scientific scene.

- Gerald Pollack, PhD

“Life is water dancing to the tune of solids.” (Albert Szent-Gyorgyi) Without that dance, there could be no life.

- Gerald Pollack, PhD

Science is in trouble right now.

- Gerald Pollack, PhD

Gerald Pollack, PhD

Gerald Pollack's doctorate is in biomedical engineering from the Ivy League institution University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Pollack's groundbreaking research into the unusual characteristics of water has fundamentally transformed our understanding of this material that is at the foundation of all life.

Dr. Pollack describes a fourth phase of water that is a necessary transitional form in the crystallization and melting of ice. 

The chemical structure of this liquid crystal form of water is not described by the familiar formula H2O, but instead it is a polymer of [H3O2]-. The missing protons, one for each pair of water molecules entering into this hexagonal sheet structure, are expelled by the liquid crystal as it grows. The energy to perform this work comes from infrared and ultraviolet photons which are absorbed readily by the living water even though bulk H20 is transparent to these frequencies. This quantum energy separates the acidic positively charged protons from the alkaline, negatively charged living water coherence zone. All toxins, solutes, wastes, debris and xenobiotics are also expelled and concentrated into the acidic water zone. That's why Dr. Pollack calls the structured water EZ water. EZ is short for Exclusion Zone.

The separation of electrical charge forms a functional and powerful capacitor which is a battery capable of supplying quantum energy instantaneously to any enzyme in contact with the coherence zone. The only limit on the energy levels available for activation of enzyme-substrate complexes is the volume of the coherence zone. As the coherence zones of living water around adjacent cells grow to the point of coalescing, all metabolic functions can operate without any need to utilize ATP, the chemical storehouse of energy from mitochondrial oxidative respiration.

Based on his work, I have been able to realize a previously unknown mechanism for connective tissue cleansing. As the coherence zones of photosynthetic living water grow around healthy cells, they push the acidic waste water out of the tissue into the capillaries by osmosis and into the open-ended lymph vessels in bulk. 

The hexagonal sheets of living water form coherence zones of the pi electrons. Together with the hexagonal ring structures, these provide an ideal site for attracting the Spirit Mineral content that makes up the sentient and immortal spirit body. I propose that the conscious functions are centered in the coherence zone of the cell membrane, but that the living water is an ideal location for subconscious information processing.

This interaction of water with the Spirit Mineral™ content of the soul brings into our picture another state of matter, which is the Condensate, as in Bose-Einstein Condensate.

Finally, to complete our picture of water's complex relationship with states of matter, we need to realize that in the process of forming living water, light ionizes the bulk water, separating a Hydrogen nucleus or proton from the Hydroxyl radical. This charge separation forms a plasma. Recall that the origin of the physics term for the state of matter we call a plasma comes from the biological observation of plasmas such as the blood plasma and the cytoplasm.

Therapeutically, there are many significant relationships and conclusions to draw from this water research. This new understanding of water certainly provides additional underpinning and support for our use of infrared therapies and hyperthermia in healing. This helps us transform our appreciation for the immune system's capacity to generate fever in the accelerated self-healing process.

Illustrating the significance of restoring our living water, when a hormone like insulin approaches a low energy cell that lacks extracellular living water, the insulin must fit into the insulin receptor like a key in a lock in order to open the transmembrane channel for glucose to enter the cell. This is a state of insulin resistance also known as metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetes. In a healthy cell, there is a layer of living water around the cell, and when a single insulin molecule contacts that coherence zone, the resonance of the insulin instantly activates an average of seven insulin receptors simultaneously.

A nutritionist friend who was a Type I Diabetic was finding that her insulin was simply not working. Her blood sugar was staying over 300. We supplied a healing water system and from the first day she started drinking this alkaline, negatively charged micro-clustered water, the insulin began working again.


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