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"The changing of bodies into light, and light into bodies, is very conformable to the course of nature, which seems delighted with transmutations."

- Sir Isaac Newton

Professor C. Louis Kervran

Professor Corentin Louis Kervran wrote the classic book Biological Transmutation of the Elements. It is a book well worth reading.

Professor Kervran discusses the many studies which document the reality that biological systems routinely perform transmutation of certain elements into other elements.

The most dramatic example is that chickens provided with no Calcium continue laying eggs and do not lose bone mass. If they are also denied Magnesium, however, they stop laying.

This observation supports the importance of Magnesium repletion. Magnesium acts as a coenzyme for some 3,000 enzymes, so we know it is crucial in itself. But, add to this the knowledge that the body can likely transform Magnesium into Calcium when needed. 

It is possible that some of this capacity for transmutation may arise from the fact that Spirit Minerals can also appear under the guise of other minerals. Magnesium is one that is particularly noted. 

We can hypothesize that some of the biological transmutations that have been observed could be transmutations in the appearance and function of Spirit Minerals.

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