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Children everywhere have intelligence.

- Mary Meeker, EdD

Everyone has intelligence. We ask not "How much?" but, more importantly, "What kind?"

- Mary Meeker, EdD

Mary Meeker, EdD, with her husband Robert Meeker, PhD who still runs SOI Institute...

Mary Meeker, Ed.D.

When I found out my proposal to do clinical research in Japan had been approved, I intensified my research in preparation.

I learned that in Japan, most young children are being trained to improve their intelligence based on the multifactorial Structure of Intellect (SI) model of American Psychologist, J. P. Guilford...

I also learned that Mary Meeker had implemented a system of intelligence training based on his model.

Her Structure of Intellect (SOI) Institute offered certification training as an intelligence tester and trainer, so I completed that process before heading off to Tokyo.

In 1981, the year before I studied with her, she had been named the Education Leader of the Year by the American Psychological Association...

The U.S. Office of Education also named her as one of five social scientists whose work was most promising for education in the 21st century...

Mary's knowledge in the health and nutrition fields was also both broad and deep...

I learned that in the process of evaluating each person's unique pattern of intelligence, she could identify patterns that were caused by functional vision problems.

In those cases, they referred clients to Behavioral Optometry first, before beginning intelligence training...

Once the primary issues of visual reception and perception were corrected with Vision Therapy, students would have the prerequisite readiness to respond to intelligence training. 

The improved visual function itself even increased many of the measures of intelligence, with the greatest increase being in vocabulary, termed Cognition of Semantic Units (CSU) in the parlance of SOI...

A. M. Skeffington described vision as the emergent of multiple processes in his famous "4 Circles Model of Vision" with the Venn Diagram showing vision as the intersection of:

• Centering

• Identification

• Speech/Auditory

• Vestibular/Antigravity

Clearly, the development of vocabulary overlapped this conception of vision in the Identification and Speech/Auditory processes.

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