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In the new formation of filum and head, atomic-physical and quantum-biological factors play a decisive role. This is visible from the sudden occurrences by the leap of these new formations. The formational processes of a filum with a head resulting in what is called the CHONDRIT, occurs within the smallest fraction of a second, which is therefore not observable by the eye looking through the microscope; the new developmental forms are suddenly there. The Protits come together and join in the following manner:

Protits can NATIONALIZE or come together in three ways. They can form:

  1. A one dimensional arrangement. This results in a shorter or longer thread, the FILUM; its diameter is that of the protit, namely 0.01 mm. However, it can constantly increase in thickness, after its formation.
  2. A two dimensional arrangement of the protits, into fine, skin-like surfaces that are found, for example, in the spermit (bacteriophage) as swarmer-heads (see below). This is one filum with one Protit head. The SYMPROTIT is simply a larger head than the Protit or the Spermit head.
  3. A three-dimensional arrangement, namely into more or less tiny granules, the physiologic, often spherical SYMPROTITS which become the primary nuclei of the bacterial cell they are turning into.

- From Dr. Med. Maria-M Bleker’s book: Blood Examination in Darkfield according to Prof. Dr. Gunther Enderlein

Professor Dr. Gunther Enderlein

According to Enderlein, ‘germs’ are not representing unchanging organisms that are independent of each other, but altogether they form a singular, common cycle, which has its origin in the colloidal, albuminoid substances called Protits that are contained inside of each particular cell

- From Dr. Med. Maria-M Bleker’s book: Blood Examination in Darkfield according to Prof. Dr. Gunther Enderlein

For the nationalization (coming together of) of comparative-morphologic units into higher and highest developmental phases, the specific acids PRODUCED by each individual microorganism are the CAUSAL reason for the changes of the internal milieu in the pH, and that is tending to the ACIDIC side. In other words: the RISING steps of the total cyclogeny are accompanied by and dependent on the PROPORTIONATELY DESCENDING pH. That is it demonstrates the summary of the ASCENDING developmental tendency with the ever more DESCENDING pH-value.

- From Dr. Med. Maria-M Bleker’s book: Blood Examination in Darkfield according to Prof. Dr. Gunther Enderlein

Life is in the blood...

Multiple schools of live blood microscopy have developed, including those of Gaston Naessens (see videos below) and of Professor Dr. Gunther Enderlein...

They developed different terminology for many of the same observations because peer review publications only publish studies of stained, dead blood...

Symbiotic organisms are seen in the living blood that change form with the terrain.

This observation is called Pleomorphism...

Research with live blood samples show that treatment of the person from whom the sample was taken show effects in the blood at a distance.

In some instances, live blood samples have maintained vitality over many days, while typically progressive degeneration is observed over about 24 hours...

Vincent's BEV test quantifies the parameters of the terrain in the body fluids including the blood...

Enderlein PDF

Each higher developmental step represents the nationalization or coming together of these growth forms. In this way, the symprotit uses the protit, namely a protein-colloid, for its advancement, depositing it at first in large numbers right on its surface as nutritional reserves. This reserved living, protein colloid grows ever larger, surrounding the symprotit sphere more and more. By this process, the first cell has come to be, which is a spherical primary cell, the bacterial cell, the MYCHIT. By this process, the symprotit became the primary nucleus, the MYCH, and from the reserve material collection of living colloids came the CELL PLASMA of the primary cell, the Mychit.

Reserve substances, which form a more or less thick layer, may be deposited around the primary nucleus. These primary nuclei with their covering of reserve substances completely correspond physiologically to the fatty substances in higher organisms. To the very largest percentage of cases, these reserve materials consist of LIPOIDS and also NUCLEIC ACID DERIVATIVES.

- From Dr. Med. Maria-M Bleker’s book: Blood Examination in Darkfield according to Prof. Dr. Gunther Enderlein

Our civilization causes or facilitates this through artificial fertilizers, preservatives, coloring substances, air pollution, etc., but in the very first place stands our false nutrition, which literally “fattens” the Endobiont by its high-content in protein and sugar. Animal protein fattens the Protit. As soon as the balance in the blood serum between mineral salts (bases, alkali) and acids has become disturbed toward the acidic side through long-continued, antibiological nutrition, the above things start sticking together. The endobiont literally feeds off animal protein and gets bigger.

The endobiont is the ROBBER OF PROTEIN. The only non-plant protein that can be taken in larger amounts, is the protein of the milk, and that in its acid form, such as cottage cheese and other forms of cheese. Farmers Cheese is the best available in supermarkets. These lactic proteins have developed a special accomplishment in the course of endless time, namely the capacity for producing a specific protein synthesis, which does not give the endobiont an opportunity to feed on.

- From Dr. Med. Maria-M Bleker’s book: Blood Examination in Darkfield according to Prof. Dr. Gunther Enderlein

Gaston Naessens

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