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The old Chinese system had every meridian in the body, all the information channels, all go to the heart, and they also all go to the eyes. They're two major energy centers in the body. (In Cracking the Code 2)

- Peter Fraser LAc

Peter Fraser LAc

Peter and I both learned German Diagnostic Electroacupuncture at about the same time, and we were both fascinated by it, leading to a lifetime of meaningful observations.

Peter's 30 years of research ultimately led to development of the Nutri-Energetic Systems (NES) along with Harry Massey. This is a component of the approach that we utilize today in our own Biofield Analysis work.

Peter began his academic life in his native Australia, and completed Acupuncture training in England, after which he returned to Australia and founded the first University based Acupuncture training program.

In his research of the human body field, he found that it is magnetic, paramagnetic, electric, and photonic... He spent over 30 years exploring and cataloging the resonances, or 'matches' as he called them, through a modification of Dr. Schimmel's Vegatest system that he and I initially learned on...


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