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We can prove the memory of water, e.g. with the help of water inhabitants which reacts in water that has been shaken, when longer time is passed and they show it through amplified luminescense... which becomes detectable for a long time afterwards. In other words, water does have a memory and the information which is fed to the water before can be transmitted in some way. And so we can make a first step toward understanding of Homeopathy.

- Fritz Popp, PhD

Fritz Popp, PhD

The body has about 90 trillion cells.

Each cell carries out about 100,000 chemical reactions every second.

Biophotons trigger all of those reactions.

The biophoton source is the cell's coherence field.

The biophoton energy returns to the coherence field after triggering each reaction.

This process only takes a nanosecond, so the same energy can be used over and over...

Recent studies of the brain have observed that when we visualize, scintillation counters can detect biophotons being emitted from the visual cortex.

Studies on remove viewing and remote healing, where the participant visualizes a remote target, sometimes thousands of miles away, with healing intent, quantum effects are also noted specifically in the locations and at the times of veridical remote viewing and effective remote healing results.

This shows us that biophotons can be transmitted transdimensionally, that is across space-time, via wormholes known as Josephson tunnels.

These remote connections that transcend space and time are a natural function of the Bose-Einstein Condensates of the Transition Minerals that make up the superfluid, superconductive, sentient, immortal spirit body.

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