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Intelligence education is intelligent education.

- J. P. Guilford's Motto

The learning of subject matter obviously involves cognition and memory; the constructing and the storing of items of information.

Teaching must be tailored to fit each kind of information.

- J. P. Guilford

Joy Paul Guilford, Ph.D.

J. P. Guilford was a pioneering psychologist who developed the Structure of Intellect (SI) multifactorial model of intelligence...

An intelligent model of intelligence.

He distinguished between the intellectual process of accurately reproducing a form (which he called Convergent Production), where there is one correct result, versus creativity (which he called Divergent Production)...

The basic dimensions of his model are:

  1. Content: Figural, Symbolic, or Semantic, sometimes adding Visual and Auditory, to which I also add Tactile and Kinesthetic in my own model.
  2. Operation (or Process): Cognition, Memory, Divergent Production, Convergent Production, and Evaluation.
  3. Product: Units, Classes, Relations, Systems, Transformations, and Implications...

Dr. Mary Meeker's SOI Institute is founded on the research and model of J. P. Guilford...

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He had always believed that there are many important and relatively independent mental abilities...

Guilford was particularly aware of the absence of creativity measures in traditional intelligence testing...

Guilford’s concept of intelligence, if adequately heeded, will have a profound impact in the future on public perceptions about individual potential and upon the education of children.

- Andrew L. Comrey, author of the biography, Joy Paul Gilford

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