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The mortality rates of illnesses of all types, and in particular tuberculosis, cardio-vascular disorders and cancers, are directly linked to the quality of the water delivered to the concerned populations.

They increase, in particular, when this water is very mineralised and made artificially drinkable after physical treatments and the addition of oxidizing chemical products.

- Louis-Claude Vincent

Professor Louis-Claude Vincent

The biocellular environment determines the body's tendency toward developing various metabolic imbalances that can lead to disease.

- Louis-Claude Vincent

Medicine of the Future...

Louis-Claude Vincent saved my life.

He was hired to study the safety of water supplies in France.

He measured the energetic parameters of the various community water sources.

Then he compared these to the records of causes of death on death certificates in those communities.

The correlations were extremely high.

He then worked with the medical and scientific community to develop a way to test the same parameters in the human blood in its natural state...

The urine and saliva are also measured...

Bioelectronics of Vincent (BEV) testing has followed hundreds of thousands of patients, mostly in Europe, as they get sick and as they get well.

It is these observations that are the basis of our 5 Phases of Health and Disease in our Clinical Theory.

This is a measurement of the biophysical terrain in the body.

As Louis Pasteur said on his deathbed, acknowledging that his lifelong rival Antoine Bechamp was right all along, "Le Terrain, c'est tout."

That means "The terrain is everything."

In other words, the same microbiome that had been present his whole life was now creating 'infection' as his vitality waned...

In my case, the BEV test showed that I was at over 99% risk of death from stroke in my 30's.

Bioelectronics of Vincent is known as the Medicine of the Future because of its ability to accurately predict future health outcomes.

That was the motivation I needed to remove 14 large amalgam fillings from my teeth, and pursue a lifetime of Accelerated Self Healing™.

Phase 1 terrain is low energy terrain.

This is where chronic degenerative diseases including cancer can appear.

Viruses or Exosomes also appear in this Anergic terrain.

In this terrain we need to Energize the cells and cleanse the intracellular milieu...

In Phase 2 disease, we see rapid aging or loss of function...

There is more energy in this terrain, and enough undigested organic matter to grow bacteria and parasites to help clean the terrain.

In Phase 2 healing, there is enough energy for the immune system to mount a high fever.

This combination of fever and bacterial activity is always seen in spontaneous remission, which sometimes occurs in a few days even with metastatic cancer...

To heal in this phase, we must rejuvenate the cell by rebuilding the enzyme systems.

Phase 3 is typically a stable terrain where the metabolism is low and fungal flora can thrive.

When there is adequate energy and space, this is where cellular division can occur to regenerate tissues.

Phase 4 is high energy terrain. 

This means the excess energy needs to be eliminated.

The material form of the energy can be metabolic wastes, allergens and toxins...

Healing in Phase 4 is connective tissue Cleansing.

Phase 5 deals with life stresses and hormonal challenges.

This aspect is always a factor overlaid on all of the other terrains.

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