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Clinical Theory & Praxis

Body: Biological Medicine

Mind:  Light, Vision, & Consciousness 

Spirit Matters

Mentorship is a time honored tradition in learning...

The original Mentor, the one actually named Mentor, lived in ancient Greece...

Imagine living such a life that your name is still used as both a noun and a verb thousands of years later...

Tell him all you know.

- Odysseus' request for Mentor to educate his son, Telemachus, when departing to make war on Troy.

{Funny enough - I was born in a city named Troy...]

My Mentors...

As I review my life, I find gratitude for many Mentors over the years...

From parents, to doctors, to teachers, to professors, to colleagues, to clients...

As my wise father said when I joined him in practice, "You've learned enough in school to earn a license to practice, but there is a lot that they don't teach you in school... Listen to your patients... They will teach you the rest."

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