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[Dr. Wood] put so many others on the path of effective complex alternative medicine.

- Yvon Helen Hemsol, a devoted patient

Illigitimum non carborundum est.

- Alexander Wood, N.D.

[Well, Sandy is the first person I ever heard say this... I know he did not coin the phrase, and neither is it a proper or ancient Latin saying... It is a great way of saying "Don't let the bastards wear you down" without swearing or offending anyone, and even elevating the level of contemplation... The phrase is thought to have originated with British Intelligence during World War II.]

You helped us when conventional medicine said nothing could be done. My children are now incredibly healthy adults because of you. You loved us enough to teach us how to heal ourselves through food and naturopathy. You were an old soul, yet somehow you channeled the future. To this day I say “if Doc told me to stand on my head at dawn...because that would fix it...I would do it.” There is never a time I pass up the opportunity to walk barefoot in the dew in the grass because of you. We trusted you, and you didn’t let us down. Thank you for teaching Dr. D so that he, too, could become our trusted one.

- Barbara Stroud Ruuskanen, a patient

Dr. Wood taught thousands of doctors from every health profession. My first workshop with him looked just like this...

Dr. Sandy Wood's contribution to the naturopathic profession, especially CCNM (originally OCNM) in the 1980s was what helped it survive. He was a visionary and his commitment to the profession at a critical time was something that I always admired and appreciated about him. I am blessed to have known him early in my career.

- Iva Lloyd, ND

One of Sandy's commitments was not to lose the knowledge of naturopathic elders that is based in the 6 principles on which we practice our profession. One of the six principles is 'Doctor as Teacher' and Sandy was an excellent teacher and could explain complex, nonlinear theories in an understandable way.

- Verna Hunt BSc, DC, ND

Alexander Wood, D.C., N.D.

Sandy Wood was my first Naturopathic mentor.

My first experience with him was when I attended a Vegatest workshop he gave on Long Island...

He asked for a volunteer from the audience to be tested as a demonstration of the technique.

I raised my hand along with several other doctors.

Sandy called for a short break, during which he checked in with each of the potential volunteers…

Beyond a thumbnail description of my history, I recall him feeling the tension in my trapezius muscle, and checking out my 14 large amalgam fillings...

He chose to test me as his demonstration…

His testing showed that I was toxic with Mercury, and that I was a non-excreter.

I had finally found a form of medicine that made sense.

It made sense of everything I knew about my health, but also made sense of everything I suspected but found elusive with laboratory medicine…

And he did it in a few short minutes.

Without a drop of blood.

Without lab tests.

And without having to wait for test results.

He didn’t even need to plug a bunch of clinical data into an expert algorithm to calculate a result.

He basically hot wired directly into the body’s electrical communication system and asked the body for its own answers…

Kind of like a lie-detector test…

And the body doesn’t lie.

When I visited with him, I recall Sandy sharing a life-goal to read the homeopathic Materia Medica from cover to cover.

He was reading an hour a day while rebounding!

He was a remarkable man.

He had been a Psychologist working for the government up in Canada, and then became a Doctor of Chiropractic.

From there, he pursued Naturopathic Medicine, and was a guiding force in the profession.

When I began studying with him, he was serving as the Chairman of the Board for both the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and the Occidental Research Foundation (OIRF)...

OIRF had started as an Acupuncture school in Florida, but when it became the leading source of training in German Diagnostic Electroacupuncture and European Biological Medicine in North America, its list of students was targeted for suppression by the F'nDA (as Sandy called it).

They moved their entire operation to British Columbia to maintain the privacy of the thousands of doctors of every type who, like me, had discovered the treasure trove of healing tools and techniques they were bringing in from Europe.

"Physician, heal thyself..."

Like most passionate healers, Sandy had been highly motivated to heal himself...

As a diabetic, he found himself struggling to recover in hospital at one point.

He would not have checked himself in, but he had been found in a diabetic coma...

The biggest challenge in his recovery was convincing the hospital to let him bring in his own healing equipment!

As a Mentor, Sandy recognized that I was trying to organize my thinking around the dynamics of terrain as measured in the Bioelectronics of Vincent.

He recommended that I read The Real Trace Element Problem by Michel Deville.

That was the exact guidance I needed!

The book led me to understand the pathway from wellness to disease and back that had been observed in hundreds of thousands of cases in Europe over decades…

This became the foundation of my 5 Phases of Healing model.

All I did was to renumber the phases in order of increasing health and then give them functional names to relate to…

Phase 1 Energize

Phase 2 Rejuvenate

Phase 3 Regenerate

Phase 4 Cleanse

Phase 5 Balance

It put the entire scale in a positive frame, an affirmation of the accomplishment of each essential stage in the healing process.

It was now a roadmap to recovery of our potential for radiant wellbeing.

Sandy was an inspiration to me on my early journey into European Biological Medicine.

Using these methods mostly developed by European Dentists, who went on to qualify in Oriental Medicine as well as Western Medicine, Sandy had a track record of 100% accuracy on his diagnoses of dental pathology when he referred patients needing oral surgery...

He always insisted that the surgeon send a tissue sample for laboratory confirmation based on histology...

His cancer patients also performed remarkably well.

When I had practiced the Vegatest Method enough on myself and my family to consider taking on testing a patient, the right patient presented...

She was a young single woman who had a depressed visual field in her left eye...

At that time, I was also integrating Syntonic Optometry into my Vision Therapy practice, and was seeing great responses with all of my other patients with a wide range of eye health and vision issues.

But this field defect was unresponsive to photobiomodulation with selected light frequencies...

So I proposed the electrodermal testing to investigate further, since it had provided me with the accurate information I needed to take my own healing to a new level...

In the course of testing, she showed a reaction to a sample vial of invasive ductal carcinoma, and it cross-referenced with the left Vagus Nerve, indicating the response was specific to the left breast area.

This was not a diagnosis, but just a functional energetic response to a biocommunication signal that I was able to identify.

The good news in detecting a signal like this was it meant that her body was actively engaged in healing the pattern.

Most people diagnosed with cancer do not show such an energetic response, because the problem is 'buried' or masked... 

It is not on the immune system's radar...

It typically takes months of clearing more superficial causal layers to get down to where the body is ready to directly address the known issue...

In the case of this woman, her body was in a self-healing process already...

She was only about 30 years old and had no history of cancer, breast pain, lumps, self examination, thermography or mammograms...

I encouraged her to rule out any problems in that area.

She came back diagnosed with exactly what the energetics had identified.

She had discovered it while it was small, but because it was already an invasive type of growth, the oncologist recommended radical mastectomy with removal of all the regional lymph nodes to make sure it had not spread further.

Being a vibrant young woman with most of her life ahead of her, who had hoped to marry and have a family, she was not happy about the doctor's plan.

I encouraged her to seek a second opinion.

A second oncologist made the identical recommendation.

A third opinion was the charm for her.

She found a surgeon who was comfortable performing a lumpectomy and doing some relatively non-invasive treatment.

She did well with that plan, and years later after I had moved to Oregon to further my studies in Natural Medicine, I scheduled one of my return trips to New York to attend her wedding...

Healing the Body Electric...

I learned from Dr. Wood that 1 out of 3 patients failed to heal with European Biological Medicine until EMF or geopathic field exposures were eliminated.

This was my inspiration to write my first book, Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions.

I was working with people like engineers at General Electric who needed to see something convincing before they would feel comfortable moving their bed to avoid geomagnetic standing waves!

And I didn't have the funds to acquire one of Dr. Ludger Mersmann's Geo-Magnetometers at the time...

I did acquire EMF meters and learned to dowse so that when necessary, I could go a patient's home and map out the problem areas.

One gentleman I recall who had me do that was the owner of the famous Troy-Bilt® rototiller company who had a lovely old farmhouse on Pennyroyal Lane...

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