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Once we open up to the flow of energy within our body, we can also open up to the flow of energy in the universe.

- Wilhelm Reich, MD

Love is the absence of Anxiety.

- Wilhelm Reich, MD

Every muscular rigidity contains the history and the meaning of its origin.

- Wilhelm Reich, MD

Emotional and physical states can be altered by changing the breathing pattern.

- Wilhelm Reich, MD

Love, work and knowledge are the well-springs of our life. They should also govern it.

- Wilhelm Reich, MD

Wilhelm Reich, MD

Wilhelm Reich was a protege of Dr. Sigmund Freud. My interest in his work is centered on what he called Orgone energy, rather than his psychological theories.

He developed a design for what he called an Orgone Accumulator. These chambers are made with alternating layers of electrically conducting material such as steel wool, and organic insulators such as sheep wool. The interior layer is a conductor, such as a sheet of galvanized iron in the case of a chamber large enough to sit in.

Reich was able to concentrate Orgone energy into a vacuum tube which would then produce a blue glow.

I suspect that Reich's Orgone is an energetic manifestation of the Spirit Mineral™ kingdom. 


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Follow the voice of your heart, even if it leads you off the path of timid souls. Do not become hard and embittered, even if life tortures you at times. There is only one thing that counts: to live one's life well and happily.

- Wilhelm Reich, MD

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