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If the human body is balanced in ph and nutrients it is not susceptible to disease.

- Royal Raymond Rife

The human body in a healthy state vibrates at a frequency between 67 and 72 MHz. If the human body's frequency drops below 58 MHz, disease begins to form.

- Royal Raymond Rife

Rife's Universal Microscope:

Royal Raymond Rife

The Vice President of the American Medical Association offered a half million dollars for Royal Rife's patents. Rife feared that if he gave control of his technology to the medical profession, it would be burried. When Royal Rife refused to accept the offer, the next night his laboratory in California burned down. So did a second laboratory that was replicating his work in New Jersey.

Royal Rife's Monochromatic Light Microscope used in identifying electromagnetic lysis-resonance-frequencies (mortal oscillatory rates) at which fungi, bacteria and viruses associated with tumors are destroyed. When he turned down an offer of a half million dollars from the Vice President of the AMA, a laboratory in New Jersey that had begun to replicate his work burned down. 

Still today, conventional microscopy uses either chemical stains that kill the tissue sample before it is observed or electron beams that also kill all life as they produce their image.

Only with the patience of microscopists like Rife, Bechamp (the source of Pasteur's theories), Enderlein, Livingston and Gaston Naessans (now in Canada), have some of the truths of the dynamic internal ecosystems of health and disease been revealed. Sadly, because non of these great scientists' observations were ultimately accepted in the mainstream scientific publications, each one was left to develop their own theories and terminology which, nevertheless describe the same physical observations.

Enderlein's pleiomorphic endobionts are one of the most developed therapeutic systems to emerge from these lines of research, as they use the equivalent of homeopathic potencies of the microscopic and submicroscopic organisms (bacteria and fungi) which in their smallest forms are symbiotic with our eucaryotic human cells when living in the same tissues.

In fact, based on observations of the similarities of these growth forms with the developmental patterns of our own tissues such as blood and lymph vessels (mucor racemosus) as well as nerve and bone structures, it is theorized that these symbionts are as much a necessary organism in our extracellular spaces as are the bacteria-like mitochondria as an intracellular symbiont producing 90% of our potential for life energy.

When the small, healthy forms of the symbionts (Sanum remedies) are taken internally by liquid, capsule or suppository, they initiate a sexual reproductive cycle with the larger disease-related forms in the body. Just like salmon after spawning, these disease-related forms die after budding off a new generation of healthy symbionts.

In one study of terminal breast cancer patients in Germany using Sanum remedies in combination with natural medicines like homeopathic, nutritional and botanical remedies, 100% cure was achieved among those who had not undergone any prior radiation, chemotherapy or surgery. A remarkable 60% remission rate was even achieved with those suffering from the above interferences (blocks to cure). This kind of response is confirmed by a meta-analysis of the world's cancer literature which found the highest survival times among cancer patients who elected to completely avoid radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.

Radiation, chemo and surgery are by no means the most biocompatible or effective treatments for cancer. They are, however, the only treatments that can be regulated and therefore provide a way to manage profit and concentrate wealth. The public's fear of cancer largely fuels modern medicine at an income of over a quarter of a million dollars average per case. Without cancer wards, most major hospitals would be forced to close.

When hospitals do close their doors, even temporarily, in every case documented around the world (Israel, South America, California, etc.), the death rate decreases dramatically until conventional medical/surgical practices are restored.

In New Zealand a major asthma drug was to be taken off the market due to its potential serious side effects. The public and health professionals alike were concerned that the loss of access to a major drug treatment would lead to a marked increase in asthma deaths. When the time came, the death rate dropped markedly.

"Just say no to drugs."...and surgery...and ionizing radiation.

Frequencies as Medicine:

Rife painstakingly identified and documented hundreds of relationships between particular pathogens and their resonant frequencies. Many others continue to extend his work.

We have compiled several different reliable sources to produce a useful reference list of resonance frequencies for researching resonance response of various symptoms, diseases and pathogens.

Remission Foundation has begun the meticulous process of producing homeopathic tinctures and potencies of each of these frequencies for bioenergetic evaluation and therapeutic use.

Frequencies we are exposed to every day, like 60 Hz in America or 50 Hz in Europe, are not necessarily beneficial ones for our health. Perhaps one day, we will redesign our electrical energy systems to minimize waisted energy put into forming magnetic fields.


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