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In 1995 the public prosecutor's office of Wiener Neustadt examined 6,500 patient cases from burgau, who were considered incurable by traditional medical standards.

Surprisingly, over 90% of these patients had survived, i.e. over 6,000!

These patients were never mentioned in the press.

It was never pointed out that they were not only still alive 5 years later, but most of them had regained their health.

Ryke Hamer, MD

I want to guide you to an understanding of diseases,

free of fear and panic.

Ryke Hamer, MD

Ryke Hamer, M.D.

Dr. Hamer suffered the unexpected loss of his son following a gunshot wound.

Three months later he was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

As a clinician, he intuitively knew there was a causal link between the two events.

His unfortunate experience became a happy fault for us.

Finding a link between an unusual 'artifact' in brain scans and the appearance of new diseases in the body in his patients, he began to map out what has become known as German New Medicine.

Dr. Hamer also recognized other causes of disease:

• injury

• poisoning

• medication effects

• deficiency

The brain stress patterns identified by Dr. Hamer relate to the Infoceutical Holograms of the NES system to support reactivation of the epigenetic information field of health...

We also support rapid healing of these underlying causal stress patterns through EVOX Perception Reframing, using biofeedback of the stress frequencies in the voice, fed through galvanic skin interaction via the meridians of TCM...

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